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This isn't the game roblox this is the player Roblox.

The name of this player is based on the game(probably). this was the first roblox account with its ID as 1. Roblox Has 15 Places 10 roblox badges and 14 player badges. Roblox used to have many friends but for unknown reasons he deleted them all. Roblox has favourited 60 places which instantly makes them popular. Roblox is Famous for making almost Every Hat,Gear,Face,Head,and Body in Roblox. roblox is also in 5 groups.


Roblox has a total of 15 place there names are

  1. 1. Crossroads
  1. 2. The Inside Of Telamon's Head
  1. 3. Chaos Canyon
  1. 4. Haunted Mansion
  1. 5. Rocket Arena
  1. 6. Community Construction
  1. 7. Glass Houses
  1. 8. Happy Home In Robloxia
  1. 9. Starting Brick Battle Map
  1. 10. Empty Baseplate
  1. 11. Santa's Winter Stronghold
  1. 12. ROtris
  1. 13. Building With Friends
  1. 14. ShiverFrost
  1. 15. ROBLOX'S skate park

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