==David baszucki is buildermans co ceo or his other account. he was created a long time after builderman so his id is much higher it is 24941 his being 5 digits and buildermans being on 3 digits


David.baszucki has a small amount of items and badges but he has 6 roblox badges and 29 player badges at the moment. david baszucki also has 12 places.



ROBLOX'S place

classic place

brickyard v3

building room

sandy place



eight towers

david.baszucki's --Big Air Skate Jump-- contest en

place1 updated 4

8 towers

My opinionEdit

in my opinion no offence to david at all but i believe his places are messy and unorganized i have not checked the places but just by looking at them i see that there is no purpose for them

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